Design and Prototyping Year 1

Future Updates: Projects 01 – 04

Working with Unity has been quite a challenge especially for someone who hasn’t had much experience in making games.

I enjoyed focusing on the visual aspects and the more I worked with C# the easier it became to remember certain mechanics to implement (for example movement, shooting and Player Death).

The main mechanics I want to implement to future updates to these prototypes are sounds and animation, this makes the aesthetics for each game stand out more as well as adding functionality to them. These important fundamentals will also make these prototypes stand out as ‘games’ as it adds a level of detail which players will appreciate when playing these games.

Other updates for these prototypes include:

Project 01: Cookie Clicker
  • Another counter mechanic where it makes unlocking different automatic clicking (Recipes) upgrades much harder to obtain. (e.g a counter for supplies. A certain amount of supplies are made by different sources of these supplies)
  • More automatic upgrades to gain more money.
  • new set of automatic upgrades for the new counter (mentioned above)
Project 02: Space Invaders
  • Respawn for the player (this also includes a health bar)
  • Invisible walls for the player to collide into so they don’t leave the map
  • More variety of enemies when they respawn and potentially have them attack the player
  • Score system to keep on track how many times the player has killed the enemy
  • A game over state when the player loses all their health.
Project 03: Top Down Shooter
  • Score system to keep track how many times the player has killed the enemy
  • Bullet Upgrades spawning randomly to make the gameplay experience more fun
  • More variety in terms of enemies
  • A timer for the player to beat
  • A health bar and a game over state so it adds stakes to gameplay.
Project 04: Platformer
  • Update the jumping function so it didn’t rely on ground checks
  • add a UI system to tell the player how many jumps they had left
  • add enemies that patrol on certain platforms
  • randomised levels
  • dangerous obstacles that hurt the player (e.g Spikes)
  • Health system ( 3 hearts max. )
  • Respawn and Game Over states.