Art and Animation Year 1

Week 11: Facial Expressions

My main inspiration for these facial expressions come from the anime art style. I wanted to explore and practice drawing basic emotions. I wanted to use the different elements I’ve learnt throughout the module and apply them to this exercise. I wanted to apply my art style when it came to designing facial expressions, so I started off with drawing up what the expressions could look like.

The most difficult challenge in this exercise was the porportions of the face since I would be drawing different the face in different angles. However, with the help of my previous sketches I’ve done, I managed to outline where the faces would be.

Afterwards, I started to draw them out digitally, I wanted a more rendered look to the shapes and the faces so I tried to go for a neat approach when it came to filling in the lineart. I didn’t want to spend too much time on highlights but I added the shadows by blending darker tones into the skin along with a blush which was especially needed to show it’s varying usage within different emotions (for example happiness and sadness).

The next element I wanted to add was the lighting, knowing my work with shadows and lighting I wanted each face to have lighting which would represent their mood. So by using multiple filters such as shade, multiple and luminosity, I was able to make the facial expressions stand out more conveying the overall tone of the emotion.