Post Production and VFX Year 2

Post Production and VFX – 3D Composition and Lighting

Since the MV was going to take an artistic approach, I decided to try and see if I could keep the sequence limited to one set piece, keeping the idea simple whilst being able to try out different props and compositions for the scene. By setting up the scene in unreal engine, it becomes a great opportunity to see which shots need to be tweaked or overall scrapped, much like the first storyboard.

Beginning stages of designing the composition – later on the table was adjusted to line up with the window. Realised, however, that there’d be trouble with the character heights when the models were sitting down so I adjusted the chair heights.
Added decals to the scene – these are portraits to visually represent the characters seperation. Looking back however, these would’ve been better visually shown with picture frames.
Added some more food onto the table to add variety to the table. Used the animation blueprint to pose them sitting down.

In the second storyboard, the MV would take place between two separate spaces. However, using the room’s size, the camera shots were able to create the illusion that the characters were in separate spaces during certain scenes, giving them their own unique space once the second half began. This was achieved by dividing the room into two seperate spaces and adding their own unique pieces to their areas,

Added more funiture in order to begin making the areas feel unique.
Added flower vase to the red side – neatly kept but presented in a darker light visually.
Lilies were chosen as they are often used in bouquets for funerals – I also added them onto the ground to create further visual interest to the flowers. It’s composition implies that someone’s placed them there without care. This further creats visual contrast between the two spaces and by extension, the characters.

Initially, there were some concerns with the complexity of the set piece, but when seeing this complex MV take place in only 2 stages (with the majority of visuals being 2D). I wanted to challenge myself by creating an MV with only one set and only using camerawork to create these illusions mentioned prior.

In addition, the visuals of this MV inspired the block colour aesthetic. Originally, the characters were going to be textured normally. However, they did stand out from the set piece too much, especially with the lighting. So instead, I gave them block colour textures in order for them to be the direct focus of the scene whilst also blending in with the aesthetic.

Another example of an MV using blockout colours and simple imagery whilst still bringing the story across

Given the inspiration, when building the composition for the set, the main objective was to make the room both artificial whilst still visually resembling a dining room. To do this I used symmetry composition by using one of the cameras to simulate a wide shot and the flooring as references. This helped me centre the dining table, cake set and window directly in the middle, creating an almost artificial but picturesque feeling to the room. This tone is further emphasised by the perfectly placed food on the table which also becomes part of the main focus. This also tells the audience that something isn’t right visually without directly telling them the reasoning behind it.

I chose these characters because the song fit their relationship that I created in personal pieces before the project began.
added additional set pieces to the composition as well as new VFX
Outside perspective of how the room was built

The orange, directional and spotlight lighting creates a warm ambience whilst also making the colours pop. This also helps sell the dining room image despite the set looking unnatural which, in a different interpretation, could make the room feel more ominous.

Without the lighting, the colours and food seem bland and sterile – the composition isn’t as interesting or visually appealing.