3D Character Animation Year 2

Character Animation – Rendering and Conclusion

Before rendering, I set up some basic lighting with each animation. For the Voice-over animation, I created a scene to mimic a TV interview, adjusting the camera close to Mimi’s face as she speaks. With the other two animations, I added cameras that would showcase the entire model and it’s motions. Once this was done, I rendered all my animations and edited in the voice lines for my final sequence.


The main aspect that I learnt were the importance of applying animation principles into 3D. I also learnt different techniques that helped with the planning as well as the conception of dynamic movements as well as teaching me the rigging process despite taking up the most time in the development process.

In the future, however, I would like to refine my animations. For the running and dance animation, it could be improved with the help of graph editing and further adjustments to the timing in order for her movements to appear more life like because especially in the dancing animation, certain movements feel too delicate. Another issue were weight painting errors such as clothes clipping and especially with the hands as they were dislocated from their wrists, causing the arms to look unnatural.

Therefore, in the future, I’d like to continue practicing and refining my skills in this medium and also enhance my first set of sequences in the process.