Art and Animation

Week 2: Photo Manipulation

This is a photo composition that I created through Photoshop. I wanted to create a horror piece using different stock photos along with original assets (such as the character, the text and the eyes).

I wanted to create a dark and sinister approach to this piece so I decided my color scheme should reflect that as well as the use of typical horror conventions. Black and Red often convey danger and mystery and by creating a red contrast it creates harsh lighting which fits the overall unsettling mood to the composition.

I added eyes to the piece because, in the context of the image, the eyes are meant to be ‘haunting’ the central character, making it more apparent that she’s never safe. This is made more apparent by the text, which I distorted with the wave effect. I intentionally made the central character small so it symbolized that she had little to no control of what was happening around her, visually conveying to the viewer that she’s vulnerable and isolated.

The central focus to this piece is the moon, I wanted to present the image at night because viewers often associate fears with the dark and the unknown. The static inside the moon was to add an another distortion effect, giving off an unnatural and disturbing vibe to the entire composition almost like its a hallucination created from the character’s mind.