Art and Animation

Week 3: Colour and Shape Theory

For the Space Invader’s clone project, I wanted to step away from the typical Sci-Fi tropes and create an anime magic girl game much like a 2D bullet hell game called Touhou, although the main character could only go in 2 directions. Using inspiration from other Magic Girl animes, I decided to go for a more cute appeal to the main character but also diverting typical expectations of magic girls by creating a cocky and overconfident look to her through her expression and her pose.

The colours for her clothing were chosen to make her stand out amongst her enemies as well as give a fantastical and flamboyant feel to her character, the cape also shows that she takes the hero role within the game. Her shape also represents that shes physically strong which goes towards her confident and loud personality.

Her wand mimics the typical magic girl weapon, simple by design but being held by an overconfident character means that she doesn’t care too much about flashy appearances but rather than the overpowered functionality of her weapon.

The enemies on the other hand, are quite simple by design but they follow the style I’m going for within the game. The slime enemy’s shapes (Green blob) are soft which shows they’re generally weak and cowardly despite showing up as a ‘threat’. This also shows that the main protagonist sees them as an obstacle rather than an actual enemy.